Bristol Black History Month 2016

Valda Jackson

Valda is a gifted artist who makes paintings in oils and beautiful sculptures from her art studio in Bristol Her strong and graceful images are usually of African-Caribbean people.

More information about Valda you can find it here: Valda Jackson



Hyacinth Hall

Hyacinth was brought up in Jamaica, and went to school from the age of four. She was inspired by Miss Crosbourne, a teacher who taught her to enjoy learning. She was expected and encouraged to go to Teachers’ Training College, which she did and left after a year.

More information about Hyacinth Hall you can find it here: Hyacinth Hall


Gloria Ojulari Sule

Gloria Ojulari Sule is a talented Bristol artist who studied for a degree in Fine Art in Norwich. Her art work shows her personal experience as a Black woman of dual heritage (mixed race) and her interest in what being Black and British  means. She is also influenced by African Art.

More information about Gloria Ojulari Sule you can find it here: Gloria Ojulari Sule



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Black History Bristol 2016